Feb 22, 2016

#Mumbaimerijaan contest by The Zillion Gallery

There was a contest organized by The Zillion Gallery last month.  The contest was to capture the wala's and wali's of Mumbai. In short the people, or as I would like to call, the spirit of Mumbai. The attached images are the entries submitted by me for this contest. Came to know that such a contest to capture the buildings and infrastructure  was held @ January'15. 

This contest gave me an opportunity to pick up my camera and click some shots. Every-time I work with the camera it reminds me, how noob I am with the camera. You know how the saying goes - 'known is a drop, unknown is an ocean'. If any of the image gets selected it will be a huge motivation for me to be involved and explore my passion - photography even more.

I love to become a photographer like my brother - Abhay. His vision and perspective and the way he can capture them into a frame always inspires me. As a photographer I wish I could capture beauty and emotions like he does :o)

Coming back to the contest: this contest will be judged by Atul Kasbekar. Atul Kasbekar also co-produced the new Sonam Kapoor's staring movie - Neeraj.