Feb 13, 2012

Love :)

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired - Mark Twain

February, a beautiful month, when the young at heart around the world carry a ‘single long stem’ rose in their hand and multitude of emotions in their hearts and express their feelings to their loved ones. Seems too fairytalish and unattainable from where she stood. 
Many a times she wondered - is it she who was unaware of loves existence or was it love that was unaware of her loneliness. Mostly content with her family and career she never had the need to look out for love. However, there was a kind of emptiness in her heart which she felt sharply during this month of love, especially on Valentine’s Day.
From the day she qualified to be an adult, all her efforts and energy was put to being a stronger and independent person. However, as soon as she started realizing her independence the need to share it with someone special grew stronger. The want for a companion to share her life with started to flicker and each passing Valentine’s Day seemed heavier than the previous one. Ignoring it, by stating “Valentine’s Day is just another day publicized purely for commercial reasons”, no longer made sense to her. 
This valentine’s Day, once again she is single and not sure of what life has in store for her. She awaits eagerly the arrival of her knight in shining armor, believing, when the love of her life finds her, it will be so worth the wait.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!