Sep 8, 2011

A visit to the music store

I had to go out to shop for Guitar; obviously it was not a routine errand on my to-do list. Yesterday morning my brother told me he has selected the guitar he would like to purchase and requested me to tag-along to buy the guitar along with an amplifier. The level of excitement was almost null; however, being a ‘caring sibling’ (insert: Laughter), I agreed to go with him for the purchase. I had to leave office earlier to avoid the ‘sixth day Ganpati Visarjan’ crowd because believe me you do not wanna be driving on Mumbai roads during monsoon or Ganpati Visarjan;

A Ganpati pandal and the roads decorated for Ganpati

you can’t imagine the chaos when both these events occur concurrently. I left office (more like sneaked out) around six p.m. and managed to avoid any traffic till Bandra and if you’ve been to Mumbai you would know that, there is no escaping rush hour traffic in Bandra. I picked up Ajay near the Shoppers Stop mall and by the time we reached the music instrument shop it was already dark. Since Ajay had already chosen the Guitar he would like to buy we did not spend any time scanning through the Guitars (Halleluiah!).

It seemed like forever waiting for the store guys to pack up our stuff. In the meanwhile we noticed couple of guys trying out guitars in there and suddenly I became aware of the fact that we were looking like couple of unsecured new buyers. If it was any other day I would try to escape this insecurity by asking anything and everything I know about what I am going to purchase and by flaunting my communication skill (Speaking fluent English is considered a skill in most parts of India K). This day I was too tired to event attempt anything. So we got our stuff packed, scanned through and selected few plectrums for the guitar and found our way home.