Sep 5, 2011

me so lazy...

Lazy seems to be today’s mood. Woke up and lingered around the house not wanting to go to work, the morning workout hardly sprung-up the dizzy mood. Somehow, I managed to get into my car – Ritz, to drive off to work. Usually the power drive through the almost traffic-less Tulsi pipe road puts some spirit into my day, but, not today. Today I was the one who drives slowly in a track with less traffic. Office held no surprise, apart from few opened cartons spread out around my work station. Wondering how these cartons got here, I switch on the system to start off this lazy day at work. 

Ever since I took the promotion as a product manager the pace of my work has drastically slowed down. Customer coordination - which I love to do, is almost null, fewer emails, no more deadline rush and what’s left in the job is products - way more products. This brings me back to the cartons; these cartons carry product samples for a show in which our firm is taking part. The show happens in the States at the beginning of fall. 

I have a humongous task in hand and a lazy mood; let the battle begin.

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