Nov 8, 2010

Baby or Barbie

Question: Why do you want a baby Girl?  
Answer: “There are so many cute things you can buy for a baby girl”.
I might be wrong, but it seems, what some Mom's need is a ‘Barbie’ not a ‘Baby’.

If you are a girl and disagree to this, answer this simple question; Are you paranoid or irritated with your mother’s need to be involved in each and every decision of yours, including small things like, the way you dress, eat, sit, walk etc.? If your answer is ‘yes’ …………YOU’RE YOUR MOTHER’S BARBIE!


  1. For Mothers, always, we are a baby first and then they treat us as a Barbie.

    Why Baby first: she fulfills all our basis needs when we are small- a Baby, this is the stage when she is our mother and we are her Baby.

    and then after 10 she treat us as a

    Barbie- she take care of our dressing style so we look Beautiful, we eat proper food to maintain ourself, she observes us at every step so that we have a standard in society and she always thinks that my Baby is growing and she is the only one who is very beautiful girl in this world like a Barbie. and this is the reason why mother treats us as a Barbie rather than a Baby specially when we cross our Baby's age.

  2. Lets join the two words,No matter what age you reach you will always be her beautiful Baby- Her Barbie Doll.

    Till she takes the last breath , she will be a guiding light in your life. She will protect you, support your dreams, shoulder your worries, correct you when you are wrong, she will leave not stone unturned to keep you happy.

    During my tender age I too disliked my mother's interference but was able to understand her only when I stepped into her shoe.

    Every mom wants to give her child the best. With little what she has she will make a princess out of you.

    Today I am a mom of a son but I am still my mother's little baby girl.

  3. well, I believe that parents need to trust that they have taught their kid well and put their trust on them and let go!