Nov 23, 2010

I, Me & Myself

While writing blogs, I am always conscious of one thing that it has lots of ‘I’ in it. Example - I think, I feel, I love, I want, I dig, I bitch… boy, that’s a lotta I’s, right. This consciousness is a fruit of all the management lessons which were stuffed into my head, by my so called teachers. In Management schools I was taught to use less ‘I’ and more ‘We’, “It is always a team thing”.

But this is not a management school and I was never a good student. This is my blog and all that you should find in here is I, Me & Myself :D

Nov 17, 2010

Is there ‘God’, in details?

I never understood the expression ‘God is in details’ (i.e. until recently). I am a new car owner and the agony a car owner has to go through, in a city like Mumbai, is simply despicable. Apart from the much hyped ‘lack of parking space’ and ‘pothole filled roads’; what worries me the most, are the little things. During the first few weeks I would look at my car parked in our parking lot and feel proud. The sparkling blood red body the charming silverish headlight, the unique design and the tall structure were part of my admiration and then it started.
My brother & the Car
One fine day I approach the car and see it, a scratch and I go “holy marry mother of GOD! How did this happen?” there on every scratch or dent I find in the car, the expression Oh my God flows out of me naturally.  And for people who do not agree; God is everywhere – including 'in details' ;) 

That’s all folks!

Nov 8, 2010

Baby or Barbie

Question: Why do you want a baby Girl?  
Answer: “There are so many cute things you can buy for a baby girl”.
I might be wrong, but it seems, what some Mom's need is a ‘Barbie’ not a ‘Baby’.

If you are a girl and disagree to this, answer this simple question; Are you paranoid or irritated with your mother’s need to be involved in each and every decision of yours, including small things like, the way you dress, eat, sit, walk etc.? If your answer is ‘yes’ …………YOU’RE YOUR MOTHER’S BARBIE!