Sep 24, 2009

Mango People

The Story of Mango People [Aam Janta]

Why do people cross the railway track and take chances with fatal accidents? I never understood this; that is until today. Today, I got to see this from a different perspective.

Recently I joined a company, which is pretty far from where I live. I have to travel 4-5 hours [to & fro] every day and change 2-3 trains to get to work. While changing trains in some stations the bridges are so crowded and the crowd moves so slowly that we have to miss 3-4 trains while we move along with the crowd in the bridge / steps. If we do not catch the train at a said time our whole schedule is ruined.

Many [lakhs or maybe crores] of people travel like this on a daily basis. The easier way to avoid this is to cross the railway tracks, but it comes with a price - the risk of having a fatal accident or even loosing your life. But for the so called 'Mango people' there are no other option; either they cross the railway track or loose their day's pay. Someones kids might even loose one time meal! Seems untrue and 19th centuryish. Unfortunately, it is true and happens to a fairly large chunk of people living in metro cities.

Think about this:
Its cowardice to choose death over life [Even this life];
The mighty, loose their lives on railway tracks

People come to metro cities with dreams in their eyes and full of energy to succeed [A few do succeed - after all metros are cities where lot of dreams do come true]. But what about the one's whose dreams are shattered into pieces and the one's Who live through life, waiting for that one break-through. Almost everybody comes here to become something, few succeed, others become Mango people [commoners / Aam Janta]

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