Dec 1, 2009

World AIDS Day !

Keep the promise. Stop AIDS.

Its December Again !

Is it the month?
the season?
the festival?
the end of a good year? OR
the beginning of another great year...?

There is something about December, Which, I can never express with words. Since my childhood I wait for December from January, such is my love for this miraculous month. A month when I keep myself away from "What I wanna be?" and enjoy "What I am"

Happy December !!!   :D

Nov 14, 2009

Aimless Wandering: Valentine's & Children's Day

Is it a mere coincidence that Children's day falls exactly 9 months after Valentine's day or was Nehru Mama [whose birthday - 14th November, is celebrated as Children's day in India] a product of - one hot valentine's day love? ;)


Happy Children's Day !

Nov 11, 2009

Aimless Wandering: 'I Love You'

How easily people say 'I Love You'? Personally, I find it very difficult to say these three words. I know people who use it quite often and what surprises me, is statements like these:

I love you, but i am not ready for commitment
I love you, but we cant be together
I Love You, but you've hurt me.
I Love You, but I miss the old you.

Isn't love supposed to be unconditional - without any if's & but's, and forever???

As for me 'I Love You' is a statement; that comes with a hidden conditional & the condition is - it is unconditional.
plain & simple. Learn it, Live it & Love it :)

Nov 6, 2009

The first Best Seller I Read

Recently I finished reading Jeffrey Archer's Kane & Abel. Pretty good book. I think it needed some fine tuning. Like in this conversation between Kate & William:

Original Conversation:

Kate: William, I am pregnant
William: When did I find time for that
Kate: (Smiles)

My version:

Kate: William, I am pregnant
William: When did I find time for that
Kate: You didn't, its not yours!
William: (thud!)

Nov 1, 2009

Smile Please !

"People are not perfect except when they smile". A smile from somebody, anybody, always brightens my day. So guys keep smiling, you might make somebody's day without even realizing it. Who knows, someday, that somebody might be me.

Oct 31, 2009

Fun Tipini: This one is for the Spinsters !

Recently I have noticed that, people hesitate to call / address themselves as 'single', especially in the relationship status column of the social networking sites - like orkut and facebook [I, for one, do not understand why?]. Well, for all those hesitant spinsters, I have made a suggestion to the social networking guys to make the singles look more lively & interesting. This is what Orkut is planning:

From today onwards, the spinster will be called Kullah Saand [Literal translation - Bull without any boundaries]. You guys can thank me later :)

Adios Chicos !!!

Oct 29, 2009

I, Me & Myself

  • If I could, our national emblem would state - 'Make Love; Not War'
  • I think John Abraham is sinfully good-looking & he can't act, even if his life depended on it (sorry John!)
  • It will be a cold day in hell before i agree to go see a Rajinikanth's Movie.
  • I would rather jump in front of a train, than go for a dental check up.
  • I prefer both........vanilla & chocolate :)
  • I am not into girly stuff, but, if one day i wake up and find that everything in the world is in shades of pink and purple - its ok :p

Oct 25, 2009

Aimless Wandering: Is it better or worse?

 My good friend once told me: "its better to have loved and lost, than to have not loved at all". BUT: What if we love, take the leap, and win. Then, we are stuck with 1 person for the rest of our life - Is it worth the risk???

Oct 21, 2009

Fun Tipni - American Dollar Value

If the American dollar value keeps dropping at this rate; soon they might have to adopt surf excel's punch line:

American Dollar 

dhoondte reh jaoge :D

Oct 19, 2009

Aimless Wandering: Loans & Credit cards

Whats the point in offering 200k loan to someone whose credit worth is equal or more than 200k !!!

If people can help themselves, why do we need a government or a political system?

Oct 14, 2009

Win Some & Learn Some

The universe always has a way of balancing things. No one is deprived of this balancing act. No matter what, each one of us gets our fare share. It's the Universe's way of saying we all are ONE.

Out of the fare share we get from the universe; We win some and learn some :)

Oct 12, 2009

I am in a soup !!!

I did something, I should not have done & Now I am in a soup! and teeny tiny stress too.

I heard that smiling constantly relieves stress. So I am using this new technique... Hope this helps ;)  - the dude in the pic seems to like it.

Oct 6, 2009

The Secret 'P Language'

The ‘P language' has been in existence since long. 

Want to know, how to speak ‘P language’? 
It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is Break up every word into syllables and add 'p' sound in between the syllables. Let take this one syllable word ‘cat’ and add 'p' sound in between it, it becomes ca-p-at....

 For example: If you want to say; “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In our secret language it would be - "b-pe the-pe chap-ange yo-pu wa-pant to-po se-pee ip-in the-pe wo-porld."
It's that simple. Now practice it to master it.

Oct 3, 2009

Today, I am no Rebel

To be yourself in this world means to fight the hardest battle you have ever fought and to keep fighting.

Today I understood the real meaning hidden in this sentence. The way of the world is a set path which has to be followed by everybody, no exception. Anybody who tries to deviate or mold this is either pulled back in the name of culture, tradition etc. or given a name. To be an exception, you have to be detached from all the societal & emotional ties. Which is not an easy task because we humans are social being and we need these ties as our support system and the fear of losing these ties keeps us glued to this set path. The one who detaches from these ties and walks his own ways is a Rebel.

Sep 30, 2009

Living the fairytale life

A fairytale is a story with a prince, a princess;

A land far far away, a dragon to slay

And ‘a happy ending’!

As kids we all were fascinated about fairytales. The magical story, the charming characters, the heavenly set, the flawless attire, the loveable creatures and the mystique dust. We wonder, how can anybody not like fairytale? However, eventually as we grow up, fall in and out of love; have our heart broken once or twice; betrayed by the ones we trust; our belief in fairytales kind of fades a little bit. Yes! We grow up, but not out, of fairytales. In some level we live the fairytale life every day……

Here is an Average Bloke’s story

An average bloke [our prince] in a metro gets up in the morning and goes to a land far far away i.e. his work place. To reach his work place he does not have to catch and slay a dragon. However, he has to catch a train and get down at his stop [believe me this is no less struggle than slaying a dragon]. Needless to say, he is living this fairy tale routine to achieve his happily ever after. And what exactly is his happily ever after?

Work – Fame, money, success, Falling in love, sharing his life, having kids etc....He achieves these happylet’s along the way of his fairy tale routine.

We know that Fairytale teaches us valuable lessons; But the Average bloke's story teaches us the most important lesson of them all.

Happiness is a journey not a destination......

Sep 24, 2009

Mango People

The Story of Mango People [Aam Janta]

Why do people cross the railway track and take chances with fatal accidents? I never understood this; that is until today. Today, I got to see this from a different perspective.

Recently I joined a company, which is pretty far from where I live. I have to travel 4-5 hours [to & fro] every day and change 2-3 trains to get to work. While changing trains in some stations the bridges are so crowded and the crowd moves so slowly that we have to miss 3-4 trains while we move along with the crowd in the bridge / steps. If we do not catch the train at a said time our whole schedule is ruined.

Many [lakhs or maybe crores] of people travel like this on a daily basis. The easier way to avoid this is to cross the railway tracks, but it comes with a price - the risk of having a fatal accident or even loosing your life. But for the so called 'Mango people' there are no other option; either they cross the railway track or loose their day's pay. Someones kids might even loose one time meal! Seems untrue and 19th centuryish. Unfortunately, it is true and happens to a fairly large chunk of people living in metro cities.

Think about this:
Its cowardice to choose death over life [Even this life];
The mighty, loose their lives on railway tracks

People come to metro cities with dreams in their eyes and full of energy to succeed [A few do succeed - after all metros are cities where lot of dreams do come true]. But what about the one's whose dreams are shattered into pieces and the one's Who live through life, waiting for that one break-through. Almost everybody comes here to become something, few succeed, others become Mango people [commoners / Aam Janta]

Apr 8, 2009

..::Posing as Leaders::..

I read an article in, it was very interesting made me think about today's corporate culture and especially Leadres.

A leader has to lead by example, atleast, that what was taught to us. On the contrary what we see in today's organization, is people posing as leaders just to make their flaws and errors go unnoticed. Its not fair to tag todays generation as 'job hoppers', While the companies are at fault too. Many companies today look at star performers as troublesome and just cannot deal with the acumen of the performer; this is a failure on the part of the HR and the company and should not be construed as the failure of the individual.

Where are we headed with this kind of a culture???

Mar 12, 2009

Jan 5, 2009

An Amateurs New Year

New responsibilities and roles
new are the friends and foes

New ways new pace
new are the problems
which we are gonna face

New love new luck
My new be our
yellow rubber duck

New rush new blush
new is the guy
whose heart i am gonna crush ;)