Feb 12, 2008

Nice or a Pushover !!!

Today i read a gr8 article in Mumbai Mirror titled: Nice employees finish last. This is a small Summary.

Nice: Offering to stay late so that your colleague finishes a project before vacation.
Pushover: Stay late regularly because u cant say no to your colleague.

Nice: Forwarding/sharing Kudos with responsible team mates.
Pushover: Giving Kudos to the team so that u don't seem self-serving.

Nice: Reviewing your new colleague's work & explaining any change.
Pushover: Reviewing your new colleague's work & making changes yourself so that they don't feel hurt.

Nice: Proposing a new idea in a meeting, acknowledge inputs from colleagues
Pushover: Not opening your mouth when someone takes credit for your ideas.

Nice: When someone misleads you discuss the same with them.
Pushover: When someone misleads, instead of discussing the same with them you try to get better information on your own next time.

If you ask me, there is a very thin line between nice and pushover & we cant be in one side all the time. Both qualities exist in us, we have to balance in such a way that we do not become a pushover.

Stand up for your self and be assertive.

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