Aug 10, 2007

It's Showering Anniversary

August 10th not a very special day for me, but its the birth anniversary of my brother & buddy. [2 Anniversaries + One Day = Panic Attack :) ]

Why are anniversaries so important ??? & the bigger question "WHO INVENTED Anniversary ? ? ?"

I am not against anniversaries, on the contrary, i enjoy my anniversaries whole heartedly. We eat, drink and celebrate aniversaries with friends and family. Eventhough, before these celebrations the "Why?'s" always wander arround in our mind;

Why do i have to buy a gift?

why do i have to come early from office?

Why do we have to cut a cake?

However, once the merriment begins, all the 'why?'s & what?'s' take a back seat & we immerse overselves in the merriment and forget 'what was and what will be' and just live in the present. Yes, eventhough for a brief moment, we live in the present during these celebrations. Is this why anniversaries are important (apart from the gifts that we receive :P) to most of us? Well may be or may be not. Who am I to tell ???

& who invented anniversaries?...... I dont know and i dont care...... :)

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