Aug 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Bro !!!

It's Showering Anniversary

August 10th not a very special day for me, but its the birth anniversary of my brother & buddy. [2 Anniversaries + One Day = Panic Attack :) ]

Why are anniversaries so important ??? & the bigger question "WHO INVENTED Anniversary ? ? ?"

I am not against anniversaries, on the contrary, i enjoy my anniversaries whole heartedly. We eat, drink and celebrate aniversaries with friends and family. Eventhough, before these celebrations the "Why?'s" always wander arround in our mind;

Why do i have to buy a gift?

why do i have to come early from office?

Why do we have to cut a cake?

However, once the merriment begins, all the 'why?'s & what?'s' take a back seat & we immerse overselves in the merriment and forget 'what was and what will be' and just live in the present. Yes, eventhough for a brief moment, we live in the present during these celebrations. Is this why anniversaries are important (apart from the gifts that we receive :P) to most of us? Well may be or may be not. Who am I to tell ???

& who invented anniversaries?...... I dont know and i dont care...... :)

Aug 8, 2007

. . . : : : Sheriff's Pizzeria : : : . . .

Well i have made various entries for photoshop contests, although havn't won any :P This is another one which is very close to my heart. I just loved doing this pic, because i learned to apply retro effect for the first time with this pic. I think the retro effect turned out pretty good for a first timer. I guess i need to work more on the color combination. Well, that was all about this Poster for pizza place :) ......... Pizzeria

Aug 6, 2007

As we near our 61st Independence Day

This day is not a mere national holiday [well, not for most of us]. It is one day to remind us of all the strugle our leaders had to go through, so that we can live free. Amidst of corruption, bribery, natural disasters, stock markets soaring and rolling downhill, this day is a force that brings all of us in one platform - Indians.

We have claimed ourselves as developing country for more than 15 years. However the true developement has begun merely 4 years back, when outsourcing hit us and it hit really hard. Today almost all the industries are reaping the benifits of this truly growing economy.

Hope this 61st Independence Day brings with it, new prospects, new opportunities & new horizons to explore.
मंजिल पे आया मुल्क हर बला को टाल के
सदियों के बाद फिर उड़े बादल गुलाल के
हम लाए हैं तूफ़ान से कश्ती निकाल के
इस देश को रखना मेरे बच्चों सम्भाल के
-Source Wikipedia