Feb 22, 2016

#Mumbaimerijaan contest by The Zillion Gallery

There was a contest organized by The Zillion Gallery last month.  The contest was to capture the wala's and wali's of Mumbai. In short the people, or as I would like to call, the spirit of Mumbai. The attached images are the entries submitted by me for this contest. Came to know that such a contest to capture the buildings and infrastructure  was held @ January'15. 

This contest gave me an opportunity to pick up my camera and click some shots. Every-time I work with the camera it reminds me, how noob I am with the camera. You know how the saying goes - 'known is a drop, unknown is an ocean'. If any of the image gets selected it will be a huge motivation for me to be involved and explore my passion - photography even more.

I love to become a photographer like my brother - Abhay. His vision and perspective and the way he can capture them into a frame always inspires me. As a photographer I wish I could capture beauty and emotions like he does :o)

Coming back to the contest: this contest will be judged by Atul Kasbekar. Atul Kasbekar also co-produced the new Sonam Kapoor's staring movie - Neeraj.

May 28, 2015

shine bright like a diamond

one of my favorite quote by Oscar Wilde
I love to look up into the night sky and see the stars. The pollution in a city like Bombay can be felt when we look into the night sky and hardly see any stars. If looked closed enough we get the glimpse of couple of stars in the sky. So whenever I am out of the city, visiting a hill-station or our native place; I remember to look up into the night sky. There I see millions of stars shining bright in the night sky. These brightly shining stars keep me dreaming.

Feb 6, 2015


Few years back, one of my friends from abroad asked me, why some Indian vehicles have ‘Horn Ok Pease’ written on the back. My beautiful mind being as it is, wandered to the incorrect grammar of this line - Horn ok please; rather than providing a reply to the question in front.

Today while driving, suddenly the sounds of different horns blowing surrounded me. It made me think, our roads don’t just belong to motor vehicles. It belongs to the people - walking /jaywalking (many of us don’t know what this word means), bicycles, animals like cows and horses, hawkers (way too many), religious affairs, tea & food stalls and in the future maybe aliens with running saucers (excuse my sense of humor).  We all share this common ground called ROADS. Hence it is inevitable to have a medium of communication to navigate on our roads.

The horns blowing on the roads are a line of communication unique to Indian roads. Here horns are honked in different styles to convey different messages. Mostly people don’t take offence when someone honks; they listen to the sound and provide appropriate reactions. Here are few different sounds of horns and their meaning.  

Just one or a couple of baby beep sounds like bip or bip-bip means, please give me way and let me overtake. It’s a nice gesture nothing to get offended about. Next is a long press beeep, used to convey urgency while overtaking. If a car beeep’s but does not overtake, one can safely assume either the car is new or the drive is or it’s a lady driver. Being a lady driver myself, I prefer not feed fodder to that last thoughtJ. Similarly there are many other beep sounds and different meanings associated to those sounds.

The next time you are on Indian roads and you hear horns blowing; don’t take offence or judge. Instead listen and try to keep up with this unique language.

Coming back to the original question; why do we write – ‘horn okay please’, on the back of some vehicles? Last time I heard that question, I blurted out some random reply that came to my mind. However, truth be told, I do not know the answer. There is a wiki page explaining the significance and origin of the line - ‘HORN OK PLEASE’. Please go check it out if you are keen to know. Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horn_OK_Please

Nov 13, 2013

Culture shock

I have visited three different Countries, without counting the airport stopovers -Germany, United States and Hong Kong. Mentioned by the order visited. All three of these Country’s offered different experiences, each different from the other.

Growing up along with American sitcoms, pop songs and TV shows I expected to find similarities in America rather than in any other Country. To my surprise, the biggest cultural shock I got, came from Uncle Sam. Maybe because of the transition from one of the busiest and congested cities in the world - Bombay, to a city in the lone star state - Dallas, Texas. The first thing to learn there was a local saying - “Everything’s bigger in Texas” and ohh boy, was it true!

As an automobile enthusiast, I can’t help but observe cars, regardless of where I am put. If you’ve been to Texas you’d know cars are almost synonyms with Indian mini trucks. The concept of small cars is almost not known. A Maruti Ritz running in Texas roads, would look like a baby among Megatron’s.  Not just automobiles; television, stadium, houses, green land and average size of a person…everything’s, bigger in Texas. The visit to the Cowboys stadium only proved that the local saying is indeed true. The vast land and the amount of sky one can see by standing in the front yard was simply epic!

On the adverse front the public transport system was as good as nonexistent. The food was bland, but thanks to Mexican food I could have something similar to the Indian spice rich meals. Fortunately, my stay was too short to experience the full agony of culture shock. The time to leave came just when I was about to experience the pinch of homesickness.

Now that I have visited few states in America I am looking forward to the opportunity to experience the big apple - New York City!

Apr 24, 2012

Aimless wandering: Myths

 Myth's I wanna feed fodder to:

  • white's nice, black's naughty and red's sexy
  • it rains when gods cry
  • prettier the girl; messier the car
  • chocolate is the closest alternative for sex 
  • It is harder to lose weight than to gain 
  • using a calculator to do complex math makes you look smart
  • vampires :D ohh cupids too
  • a messier desk is a sign of hard work
  • eyelashes, pennies, wishbone, shooting stars and birthday candles are elements that bring good fortune
  • the positive outweighs the negative (not sure if this is myth or real…but I'm all for it)

Feb 13, 2012

Love :)

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired - Mark Twain

February, a beautiful month, when the young at heart around the world carry a ‘single long stem’ rose in their hand and multitude of emotions in their hearts and express their feelings to their loved ones. Seems too fairytalish and unattainable from where she stood. 
Many a times she wondered - is it she who was unaware of loves existence or was it love that was unaware of her loneliness. Mostly content with her family and career she never had the need to look out for love. However, there was a kind of emptiness in her heart which she felt sharply during this month of love, especially on Valentine’s Day.
From the day she qualified to be an adult, all her efforts and energy was put to being a stronger and independent person. However, as soon as she started realizing her independence the need to share it with someone special grew stronger. The want for a companion to share her life with started to flicker and each passing Valentine’s Day seemed heavier than the previous one. Ignoring it, by stating “Valentine’s Day is just another day publicized purely for commercial reasons”, no longer made sense to her. 
This valentine’s Day, once again she is single and not sure of what life has in store for her. She awaits eagerly the arrival of her knight in shining armor, believing, when the love of her life finds her, it will be so worth the wait.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Oct 31, 2011

Keep going...

 The static feeling when we are close to achieving what we’ve always desired and the constantly popping questions in our heads - is it worth? Is there a better path? Am I good enough? Will I survive through or fall back? These questions make us doubt even our deepest desire. How to overcome this?  Face it “uno por uno”, an ounce of courage and a smile, is what gets me walking through most of my difficult tasks. As mark twain would put it “The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”